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Why we love…Fornasetti Ortensia Candle

What makes this product a game-changer?

Ortensia is such a beautiful yet striking design and instantly recognisable as one of Fornasetti’s most iconic candles making it a home décor must-have for fragrance fans and in-the-know style aficionado’s. Bearing the enigmatic face of Fornasetti’s muse Lina Cavalieri surrounded by an abundance of pastel coloured Hydrangea’s, and filled with fragrant fresh white flowers, it’s the ultimate scent and style statement and go-to gift for the person who has everything.

How can you get the most out of this product?

To ensure you get the most from your Fornasetti candles (meaning the scent diffuses evenly and cleanly) always burn for a maximum of two to three hours each time. Once you’re happy that the fragrance has filled the space, carefully extinguish the flame using a snuffer. Before re-lighting, its essential to trim the wick to remove any soot residue as this will help the fragrance to burn cleanly again and will stop it from producing any unnecessary black smoke.

What’s your secret tip?

Hydrangea flowers always look stunning whether they are displayed as a single stem or grouped together, so its surprising to learn that they don’t have a distinctive smell. To trick your mind (or your guests if you are hosting) into thinking they are beautifully scented, always burn Fornasetti Ortensia nearby which will fill the air with Flora – a combination of iris, wisteria, jasmine and white rose. It’s a really simple yet effective way to create an illusion and a long-lasting scent memory.