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Minimalist or Maximalist? There's a Nomad Noé Candle to Match

Whether you’re in the minimalist or maximalist camp, with trendsetting New Yorkers Nomad Noé joining our candle in-crowd, it’s the perfect time to talk which scents for which style. Explore these two forever trends we never stop obsessing about alongside the scent profiles to suit ‘less-is-more’ versus ‘more-is-more’.

For The Minimalist: POET / MUSE

Any object placed in a minimalist home must have raison d’être, while nothing is showy everything is on show, with more than a dash of purpose. Our Nomad Noé edit to fit such streamlined, serene spaces would be POET or MUSE. These stunning statement candles tick the list for form, function and aesthetic, leaving you to ask your heart – which of the stories inspired by an intriguing place and personality appeals most?

POET in Hangzhou: In this beautiful soul-soothing blend, sweet jasmine, tuberose and gardenia remove the need for vases of fresh white flowers around the home. The candle’s single flame will softly illuminate interiors with enough glow to provide a mood that’s snug.

MUSE in Wyoming: Fresh, crisp notes of wild rose and magnolia blended with mellow sandalwood, transform interiors into a haven. Also choose MUSE if you love nature’s fresh outdoorsy aromas afloat in the air, but aren’t green-fingered enough for a hanging garden.

For The Maximalist: DREAMER / REBEL

The result of shredding the interior rule book is a uniquely expressive and elegant maximalist room with accents of wonderland whimsy. Our Nomad Noé pick to punctuate this interior vibe has to be DREAMER or REBEL. From the visual appeal of the modern typography, through to fragrances inspired by a person and place from around the globe, these luxury candles are the perfect combination of playful and chic.

DREAMER in London: A quirky mix of cedarwood, soft antique leather, trails of tobacco leaves and the creamy deliciousness of vanilla, make for a bold and complex scent that adds gusto to interiors.

REBEL in Bahia: From the tangerine hue of this candle’s lid to the fragrance of neroli, bergamot and orange slices, REBEL energises the room. Packed with lively enthusiasm it’s a perfect choice to brighten interiors as well as to flood your mood with joy.

 Last Word From Nomad Noé co-founder Corentin Hamon...

“Home should be a place of happiness where we allow ourselves to dream, to create and to just be.”

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