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Just Arrived! Here’s All You Need to Know About Ginori 1735 Scented Art

If you haven’t yet discovered Ginori 1735, Italy’s purveyors of porcelain excellence, and their latest one-of-a-kind home fragrance venture bringing the Renaissance bang up to date … read on!



It All Started In Italy

From the first moment the Ginori Florentine porcelain factory opened its doors in 1735 it made a statement to the world; quickly moving from Italy’s best kept secret to international acclaim. This was a place where makers, designers and artists came together to create unrivalled porcelain items, from sculptures and art to the most fashionable tablescape trimmings. It was only natural that the local backdrop of galleries, colours and the warmth and hospitality so synonymous with the region, would influence.

Palpable from the start, this unique magic has lasted three centuries and as the new scent vessels show, continues to bloom. Today, this world leader in luxury lifestyle uses the same traditional techniques and ancient materials; each carefully crafted piece is passed from one expert hand to another exactly as it once was. Walking in the factory now, surrounded by the scent of pine from the natural resin, it’s as if you’re smelling the air from 1735 again.

This heritage, elegance, luxury and incredibly good taste is brought to ‘LCDC, La Compagnia de Caterina’, the new scented home collection, one that has more than a dash of daring in its stand-out-from-the-crowd style. Fusing a gracious past with contemporary glamour makes it feel so right now, yet having all the makings of an heirloom.

The Talented Mr. Nichetto

Ginori 1735 has always enticed the world’s best talents. No surprise then to discover the Italian designer Luca Nichetto is the LCDC creative visionary. Based between his studios in Venice and Stockholm, he is a much sought-after art director, having collaborated with international brands such as Rubelli, Arflex, Lodes and Hermes.

Luca Nichetto explains how inspiration came from both the Ginori 1735 archives as well as contemporary cues. The faces of classical statues were transformed by the idea of colourful Lucha Libre masks; this unexpected meeting of tradition with modernity becoming the hallmark of the complete collection. The fashion illustrations of Jean-Paul Goude – of Coco Chanel poster fame, plus graffiti art, also lent a thoroughly modern-day twist to the Renaissance narrative.

Feel The Call Of The Court

At the heart of the home fragrance story sits Caterina De’ Medici of Florence, who on travelling to Paris to marry the future King of France, was accompanied by a cast of fascinating characters fresh from the Italian Renaissance.

Luca Nichetto’s decorative scenting totems breathe new life into these imagined individuals of Caterina’s court, manifesting each with a unique personality. Take ‘L’Amante’ – ‘The Lover’, with Bisque porcelain torso worthy of Michelangelo’s David and golden helmet symbolising his secret passion, this is a mesmerising scented sculpture that is audacious, outrageous and ostentatious. In short … it’s truly got the wow factor.

Il Seguace, Il Letterato, L’Amazzone, Il Frate, Il Favorito and La Dama are just waiting to meet you, equally surprising and engaging in every way. This porcelain entourage is ushering in a new age for vessels that bring scent into the home and for sure … it’s one we’ll all want to follow.

Fragrance Heritage. Modern Scent

The oldest family-owned perfumery in Grasse, having as much heritage as Ginori 1735, are the esteemed creators of the bespoke scents. There’s a choice of three stunning fragrances for each of the seven courtly characters, so you can choose the personality, colour and aroma that best suits your home.

Paying homage to Orange Blossom, a favoured ingredient in the Florence of Caterina’s time, ‘Orange Renaissance’ will softly scent rooms with fresh, white blossoms. ‘Black Stone’ is a heady scented tribute to the Spice Road and destined to make your home smell like the most luxurious Italian hotel. To send a lingering loveliness throughout interiors choose ‘Purple Hill’, as who wouldn’t want their home to come alive with the enticing scents of the Tuscan hills?

Discover the full collection now.