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Transform Your Home With Fragrance

How can fragrance transform a space?

Fragrance has a really powerful ‘invisible’ effect that you can use daily to ‘decorate’ your home - it’s a really simple way to instantly transform the space around you without having to re-paint the walls or move the furniture. A carefully chosen scent can also help to emphasise some of the visual aspects of a room - for example, something like a fresh rose (Fornasetti Profumi Flora) or orange blossom (Trudon Odalisque) will compliment pastel furnishings and floral prints, while warm, smoky notes like amber or cedar really enhance leather and wooden pieces (Trudon Ernesto or Fornasetti Profumi Otto).

What should we be burning right now?

Our candles are compositions meaning they are a blend of carefully crafted fragrance notes that have been chosen to take you on specific olfactory journey or stimulate a certain mood or feeling. Right now, we’re coming into Autumn meaning the nights are darker and we’ll be spending even more time inside however that doesn’t mean you have to burn your winter fragrances straight away - instead fill your home with lots of fresh or citrus scented candles that feel ‘bright’ and evoke memories of summer holidays. Trudon’s Salta (Argentinian Grapefruit) and Reggio (Italian Mandarin) are perfect for when you want to feel like you’ve escaped to somewhere exotic.