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Why we love…Trudon Abd El Kader

What makes this product a game-changer?

Inspired by the rugged coastal landscape of Morocco, this scent smells like a freshly poured glass of mint tea, served in the shade on a hot summer’s day. Full of just-torn spearmint, wild blackcurrant, chopped apple and crushed ginger it feels like a breath of fresh air floating through your home. If Abd El Kadar was a colour it would be a vivid green for its ability to cleanse the air and create a sense of nature, space and wanderlust. It’s the perfect travel companion right now…even though we’re all staying home!

How does this fragrance make you feel?

Put simply this fragrance transports you to somewhere new – it’s pure escapism! The mint note immediately makes you feel like you’re outside, whether that’s in a fragrant garden or sitting on a roof terrace sipping a mojito. It’s full of uplifting and energising summer vibes which is exactly what we need to take our minds far away from the four walls of our home right now.

Which room would you recommend this for?

Because it’s full of so many green, earthy, aromatic notes, Abd El Kader works in every room to help cleanse the air and create a sense of space. It works really well in either a kitchen or living room next to a window, so that as you look out, it feels like you’ve brought the garden inside.