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Cire Trudon Festive Fragrances

Scents to transform your home, keep you company and whisk you away during lockdown.

With yet another lockdown to navigate and the reality of spending time at home again, we’re now more aware than ever before that fragrance can make us smile, lift our mood, and positively effect how we’re feeling whatever the world throws at us.

This Christmas, instead of anticipating a slightly dreary day without the usual traditions, make the most of the lead up by using this year as an opportunity to do something a little different - more themed, indulgent and of course full of fragrance and the flicker of candlelight to create new memories, traditions, and bring your home alive.

Winter Wonderland

There is nothing better than hunkering down at home when it’s cold outside. This year, transport yourself to a cosy ski chalet by transforming your home into a candle-lit winter wonderland. Keep things simple and uncluttered (opt for a white tree) and add texture with soft throws and cushions. Take it easy and make time to wind down and relax by soaking in a long hot bath or put your feet up and read your favourite book - glass of wine in hand.

Throughout the day, evoke the feeling of a roaring log fire by filling the air with the Cire Trudon Ernesto Scented Candle – a comforting combination of smoky tobacco accent, leather and amber blended with a drop of rum, grapefruit and bergamot. Use this time to relax and slow down.

Boutique Hotel

Nothing smells more sophisticated than stepping into a luxury hotel foyer, so treat yourself to a day of decadence by turning your home into a five-star private residence. Kick off with a delicious breakfast in bed and a glass of champagne while you unwrap your gifts. Dress up for dinner and create a showstopping table scape using layers of sumptuous velvet, an abundance of foliage and sparkling crystal glassware, before eating by the magical glow of candlelight. After dessert whether alone, or with company, dance like nobody’s watching.

Take fragrance inspiration from The Connaught in London’s Mayfair by scenting the whole house with the Cire Trudon Solis Rex Scented Candle Inspired by the elaborate Chateau de Versailles's Hall of Mirrors, this regal combination of fresh green leaves, bitter orange, eucalyptus and pine is warmed with a sumptuous whisper of incense – perfect for festive entertaining.

Home Alone

If you normally spend most of Christmas rushing around visiting family or playing host for the day is usually your responsibility, this year, buck the trend and instead revel in the fact you’re home alone. Use the day to be present, enjoy what’s around you and be kind to yourself. Start your day with a green juice and either go for a run or woodland walk. Collect pine cones and foliage to create a homemade Christmas Wreath or mantlepiece garland bringing a sense of nature inside.

Throughout the day, burn the Cire Trudon Abd El Kader Scented Candle to release notes of wild, Moroccan spearmint, aromatic herbs and crushed ginger to cleanse the air and create a sense of space, serenity and wellbeing.

Christmas Escape

Scent the season with sunshine and fill your home with wanderlust and summer vibes - swop your fir tree for a golden palm and trade carols for calypso. Re-create your favourite vacation memories by personalising presents with a holiday photo printed onto bright paper to inject colour and fun. Stimulate your senses by serving a delicious mezze of dishes from around the world and don’t forget to pair with wines and cocktails that you enjoyed ‘once upon a time’ while watching the sun go down.

Fill your home with the Cire Trudon Salta Scented Candle and let this mouth-watering citrus full of sweet, effervescent grapefruit, sherbet-dipped verbena and fresh, floral hyacinth instantly evoke a memorable time and place, where the sun-warmed your skin, the sky was bright blue, and all your senses were intensified.