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Cire Trudon: Creating Scented Style with Room Sprays & Diffusers

You may have heard that Cire Trudon is candle royalty. Not just because of their origin story beginning in the French royal courts of King Louis XIV, or the modern day devotees such as style icon Alexa Chung and actress Jodie Comer … you might know her as Villanelle! It’s more to do with the fact this prestigious candle maker knows a thing or two about luxury home fragrance.

The collection is majestic; yes, the market is awash with great scents, but once you’ve smelled the decadently floral Joséphine or the aromatic mezze of mints in Abd El Kader, it’s difficult to fall in love with anything else. Sure, you’ll have other relationships, but this one will last long after the fragrance fads have flown.

New scented ceremonies

Now the narrative continues beyond the soft light of flickering flame with new magical ways to dress interiors in scent. Still with a great sense of ceremony, there’s no quicker means to change the mood than by misting with one of the seven elegant Room Sprays. The iconic Cire Trudon olive green bevelled bottle with gold thread perfume atomiser, delivers scent in pleasing dramatic puffs whenever you desire, day or night. The everyday task of making the house smell nice becomes a luxurious ritual.

Alongside opulently scenting the air, spritz lightly over freshly laundered linens, fold and store; when you come to unfurl, you’ll discover the exquisite scent all over again. Style aficionados will tell you that amber, patchouli and labdanum bursts from the sophisticated Ernesto Room Spray bring hotel-chic to rooms. Choose from seven options, to find the one destined to become your home’s signature scent.

Gift Tip: As the global bestseller, Ernesto is perfect for gifting. But if you can’t part with your new favourite room spray, instead use it to lightly scent wrap. The same for handwritten notes; how lovely on opening to release the aroma of Reggio Room Spray, notes of sun warmed mandarin and mimosa delivering blue skies and sunshine. 

Diffusing with classic decadence 

The six signature green vases of the Cire Trudon Classic Diffusers, crafted with Italian glass, enthral from the start. In combination with an architectural splay of black reeds, this piece that owns the room encourages continuous floating scent.

Choose the Joséphine Classic Diffuser and it’s as if the spirit of Napoleon’s beloved is walking through rooms, trailing rose, jasmine and camellia in the folds of her gown. When you want to strengthen the fragrance turn the reeds upside down, or for subtlety, reduce the amount placed in the vase.

Because your handblown diffuser is a heritage piece, when it comes to an end, there’s a refill with accompanying black reeds which is all you need to enjoy scenting rooms afresh. 

Small space escape

If you’re looking for a decorative perfumed object for the home, enjoy the ritual of fragrance and love candle glow, the Cire Trudon La Promeneuse Diffuser in the iconic green ribbed glass, embraces all these desires in one stunning piece.

Place on a side table to instantly create a quiet but elegant corner. Sit and be mesmerised by a dancing flame coupled with one of the fabled fragrances. Not in the mood to relax and dream? With four accompanying scented cameos that melt via a night light – Abd El Kader, Ernesto, Odalisque and Solis Rex – there’s a scent included to provide just the right backdrop for working, yoga, dining and more.

Express your scent style

What surrounds you at home speaks to your personality, adventures and anything close to your heart. Think of interiors as the ultimate cabinet of your curiosities! In that light, the Cire Trudon L’Oeuf Diffuser should have a starring role. Beautifully elegant and wonderfully quirky, if that’s starting to sound like you or your rooms, this interior accent that diffuses fragrance from a ceramic egg, should find a place at the heart of your home.

Extraordinarily eye-catching as it is, there’s a treat in store for the nose. Choose from three evocative fragrances: Ernesto conjures a Havana hotel through tobacco, leather and amber notes; Cyronos brings the scent of a secret garden effortlessly into the home; and Abd El Kader transports you to the rugged hills of the Mascara Coast via freshly torn spearmint, blackcurrant and ginger. Each scent lasts the length of a season, but one things for sure … you’ll be admiring this egg, a modern day Fabergé, for many months to come. 

Discover the full collection here