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Bella Freud

Bella Freud Ciao Candle - 190g


Fig leaf, Orange Blossom & Vetvier Scented Candle. Ciao floats down the breeze as a Motorino buzzes past, the sun hits the leaves of a fig tree. The seductive smell of a stranger's eau de cologne mingles with a morning expresso, thoughts of the night before make for a beating heart.

Heart: Fig leaf, Orange Blossom & Vetivier

Fashion for your home with the Classic Bella Freud candle collection. From sexy modern classics like 1970 and Ginsberg is God to the moody Love is The Drug and spring notes of Ciao. Bella Freud candles are inspired by the words she designs for her collections. When you light a candle its fragrance evokes a mood.

"I first saw Anita Pallenberg on the front page of The Sun when I was twelve years old. I was entranced by her glamour and spent my frugal pocket money on a copy of the paper.

I became obsessed with how Anita dressed, her classy beauty, her irreverence and lack of concern for the opinion of others. She had style. It was as if she had Paris couture somehow streaming through her veins. I set Anita up as my inspiration.

I met her in 1983 when I was living in Rome. I was sitting in a cafe outside the Pantheon and somebody tapped me on the shoulder and said hello - and it was her. We forged a bond like two school friends.

Years later I was round at Anita’s flat and we must have been discussing the word Ciao. I wrote it out and spelled it wrong. ‘This is how you spell it’ she corrected. She picked up a yellow envelope that happened to be lying around and wrote it out. It was so immediate and beautiful, like Pop Art. I asked if I could keep it.

It is framed and I keep on my desk."

Bella Freud Ciao Candle - 190g