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Ostens Illumination Cashmeran Velvet Candle 220g


Light Illumination Cashmeran Velvet to create a cocoon of warmth and comfort, soothing and peaceful.
Presented in an elegant mouth-blown scalloped glass, our hand-poured wax blend enables a perfect burn and the finest fragrance diffusion.

The synthetic molecule in our collection, Cashmeran Velvet makes everything feel comforting and fuzzy.

Subtle smoky notes mingle with amber and soft woods.

The feeling evoked by this incredible ingredient is of comfort and familiarity, like being wrapped in a warm blanket.

Ostens was born from our desire to create beautiful fragrances, using the world's finest ingredients in their purest form.​

Inspired by the beauty of raw materials, we asked our perfumers only one thing: to use those ingredients as the jumping-off point to start their creativity.​ We asked them to let their imaginations run free. There was no limit to their creativity – no restrictive creative brief, no specific gender, no costs limitations.​

The results of this are our beautiful fragrances, each an authentic expression of talent and creativity unleashed. ​

Ostens Illumination Cashmeran Velvet Candle 220g