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New In: The Bella Freud Luxury Scented Candle Collection

Here at The London Candle Store, we are drawn to candles that not only infuse our homes with the most incredible smells, but those we covet for their shelf-appeal and, if we’re being honest, spark that instant ‘Wow! I want one’ reaction from our family and friends. It’s for both of these reasons, we love our Bella Freud Scented Luxury Candle collection and 1970 Diffuser – the ultimate style and scent statement. To introduce you to the brand and help you make the perfect choice, here are our three favourites:

Bella Freud 1970 Scented Candle Collection and 1970 Diffuser: This fragrance immediately evokes a heady bohemian vibe synonymous with the seventies by blending Frankincense, Myrrh, Oakmoss and Patchouli with Musk, Sandalwood and Vetiver. It’s a scent that really sets the scene meaning we love to burn it during nights in with friends or when we’re relaxing at home, listening to music with a glass of wine in hand.

Bella Freud Ciao Scented Candle: If you love a fig fragrance then this is the one for you. A beautiful combination of sun-ripened fruit, softly scented orange blossom and warm, slightly smoky vetiver, this fresh, cologne-like scent instantly evokes that feeling of strolling happily around a European city in springtime. We light this throughout the day, especially when we want to brighten our mood and need a moment of escapism.

Bella Freud Psychoanalysis Candle: If you take time for moments of self-reflection or want to gift your closest friends who share your secrets, this candle says it all. Poured into a striking matt black vessel, the delicate scent of neroli is slightly sweetened with lilac blossom and warmed with tobacco flower, amber and cedarwood. Familiar and comforting, this beautiful blend is one we love to relax with to help us soothe mind, body and soul.