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International Women’s Day: Candles Celebrating Courageous Women


To mark International Women's Day this month, we’re highlighting our favourite heroines whose pioneering spirits have been captured in one of our statement candles. Discover the scented stories of four formidable women we truly admire. May we all burn as brightly as them.



The Audacious Mary Shelley

Inspired by the rebellious nature of 19th century gothic novelist Mary Shelley, our Cire Trudon Mary Candle pays tribute to an iconoclast of her time. Presented within a striking black candle vase, Mary is an intensely dark and dramatic fragrance that celebrates Shelley's life, her personality and of course her writings.



The Enigmatic Lina Cavalieri

From humble origins, Lina Cavalieri rose to fame for her voice and incredible stage presence. Regarded by fans as the most beautiful woman in the world, she caught the attention of painter, sculptor and interior decorator Piero who depicted her enigmatic look in up to 400 designs. You’ll find the face, eyes or lips of this muse adorning many of our Fornasetti Profumi Candles.



The Influential Caterina de’ Medici

Italian noblewoman Caterina de’ Medici became a powerful French queen. As well as building her political sway, she had a profound influence on Europe’s cultural and artistic development. Ginori 1735 pays tribute to the life of Caterina de’ Medici in the scented art of ‘LCDC’. Discover Il Letterato – The Scholar, Il Seguace – The Companion, La Dama – The Lady and more.



The Courageous Maria Quitéria

Legendary female figure Maria Quitéria was a Brazilian lieutenant and national heroine. Cool New York candle makers Nomad Noé, capture Maria’s indomitable spirit in their Rebel in Bahia Candle. It’s a bold, beautifully fragranced creation, presented within a delicate porcelain vase that creates a hypnotic glow when burning.