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From The London Candle Store With Love

 We’ve collated our favourite fragrance gifts to help you find the right one for Valentine’s Day – whether it’s a grand gesture for another or a small indulgence for yourself. Planning a romantic evening or a relaxing one? We have just the scented candles to set the mood.


If you find it hard to say the words, let a scented gift speak for you. Bella Freud’s stylish ‘Love Is The Drug’ Candle with a fragrance of sweet Maraschino cherries wrapped in sensuous musk, will show them just how much you care.

Our own fragrance affair with the one-of-a-kind scented art pieces crafted by Italian porcelain specialists Ginori 1735, is no secret. It’s the one we find hard to give away … and as we’re firm supporters of self-love, we can easily convince ourselves we don’t have to! So choose to give or choose to keep the Il Favorito Purple Hill Candle as you wish. Declaring ‘Light My Fire’ and with the inviting scent of Tuscan flowers, it’s the candle to choose for these dark nights with a chill in the air.


 For those that adore fragrance, art and stylish interior accessories, Fornasetti should be your failsafe. While always a gift that’s happily received, the luxurious and quirky candles filled with the distinctive Otto fragrance and adorned with the lips of Lina Cavalieri, Piero Fornasetti’s muse, are the ones we recommend become your home’s signature scent. 

Choose Bacio, meaning ‘kiss’ in Italian, to add charm to your decor. Select Comme des Fornà for an extra special gift for the apple of your eye, best friend or close family – it’s the design everyone falls for.


Our Cire Trudon 70g candles make a bijou treat that will warm the heart and fan the flames of a new love story … one you’re directing! So whether that’s as a gift for your one true love or gift to self,  the chic Joséphine fragrance, a tantalising blend of rose petals, sun-lit jasmine and camellia, is a fragrance addict’s dream.

If you want to surprise those closest to you with a lavish scented gift, we have just the objet d’art!  L’Amazzone Black Stone Diffuser from Ginori 1735, blending spicy nutmeg, patchouli, golden amber and musk is one of our most coveted pieces.


In our expert fragrance opinion, Cire Trudon’s Giambattista Valli Rose Poivrée Candle is both a date night must-have and the perfect fragrance backdrop for relaxing evenings at home. Inspired by Marie Antoinette’s love of roses, the softly blooming scent has a soothing quality that lulls you into feeling happy. The addition of Madagascar pepper, amber and sandalwood ensure a rich trail that beautifully hangs in the air even after the flame is extinguished.

As a gift, this special edition candle created in partnership with designer Giambattista Valli, is a stylish twist on sending flowers … one that can be enjoyed for many weeks to come.