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Cire Trudon

Trudon Reggio (Mandarin) Diffuser - 350ml


Part of ‘Les Belles Matières’ collection which celebrates the most beautiful single note ingredients from around the world, Reggio is a soft, yet sweetly scented citrus inspired by the delicate aroma of sun-warmed mandarins native to its coastal namesake.  Grown among the Calabrian landscape at the very south of the Italian peninsula, this subtle citrus fruit embodies elegance and sophistication.   Brightened with grapefruit and mimosa blossom, this beautiful blend will fill your home with blue skies and sunshine as it floats through the air like a cool Mediterranean breeze.

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Head: Grapefruit.
Heart: Mandarin essential oil.
Base: Mimosa.

In 1643, founder Claude Trudon was a respected candle maker and merchant trading handmade wax alongside spices, fruits and flowers. Recognised as the oldest candle maker in the world, 17th Century manuscripts confirm Trudon as the official candle supplier to the French Royal Court with a reputation for using only the finest quality wax.

Today, inspired by the Royal palaces, churches, cathedrals and garden locations where Kings and Queens would once roam, the Cire Trudon collection is a re-imagining of a rich history using ingredients in their purest form from some of the world’s most beautiful regions.

Stylishly presented within hand-blown glass, bearing the signature gold emblem, each Trudon diffuser is carefully crafted by hand within our Normandy workshop. The ultimate scent and style statement.

Trudon Reggio (Mandarin) Diffuser - 350ml