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Profumi Luchino

Profumi Luchino Rain Rock Creek Candle - Regular


Rain Rock Creek designer scented candle, with a pure porcelain body and a burning time of about 65 hours.

A forest cabin on Big Sur. Cedar, cypress, balsam fir and coriander, with herbal hints of wormwood and thyme.

It is dawn. A ray of sunlight filters into the wooden bungalow, and lengthens on the floor. In the vast canyon outside, the dry leaves are scrunched underfoot. And in the distance, through the trees, you can just hear the crashing of the waves at the water’s edge – the deep blue of the Pacific.

Size - 320g

Also available in 700g size.

Top Note: Cypress, Sea Salt, Accord, Coriander Seed 

Heart Note: White Thyme, Cinnamon Bark, Wormwood

Base Note: Cedarwood, Fir Balsam, Moss


Profumi Luchino is the new Ginori 1735 home fragrance collection, created in collaboration with the English designer Luke Edward Hall: five fragrances designed to envelope and take you on a journey - imaginary, yet so vivid - through the artist's best-loved places.

Cotswolds, Marrakech, Rajasthan, Big Sur, Venice. These are the places recalled by the fragrances and decorations of the designer scented candles, designer plates, incense burners and all the other precious hand-crafted porcelains that enrich this wonderful collection.

Profumi Luchino Rain Rock Creek Candle - Regular