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Profumi Luchino

Profumi Luchino Palazzo Centauro Plate


Designer plate in pure porcelain. It can be used as a platter, a centre piece and as a decorative object.

Melancholy ripples on the Grand Canal. The cupola of the Salute Basilica floats above the cloud, imbued with the scent of the open sea. The candlewax runs onto the high altar, and the vaults are obscured by incense. Faded velvet and flashes of crystal. Confined to the attics of her palace, the Contessa opens a cedar-wood trunk. Inside is a strip of shining silk.

The picture, created by designer Luke Edward Hall, depicts the Palazzo Centauro, a fantastic memory of a trip to Venezia, one of the artist's favourite places. The article is unscented, it follows the decorative world of the Palazzo Centauro, with a designer vide poche and a porcelain box with lid.

It is available in the four other Fox Thicket Folly, La Gazelle d'Or, Rajathra Palace and Rain Rock Creek decors.

Size - 27cm


Profumi Luchino is the new Ginori 1735 home fragrance collection, created in collaboration with the English designer Luke Edward Hall: five fragrances designed to envelope and take you on a journey - imaginary, yet so vivid - through the artist's best-loved places.

Cotswolds, Marrakech, Rajasthan, Big Sur, Venice. These are the places recalled by the fragrances and decorations of the designer scented candles, designer plates, incense burners and all the other precious hand-crafted porcelains that enrich this wonderful collection.

Profumi Luchino Palazzo Centauro Plate