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Ginori 1735 LCDC Il Letterato Musk Road Candle Holder - 6 x 40g


Symbol of wisdom. The Scholar is one who contemplates the great design of life, an attentive observer who artfully tells the story of our human drama. A porcelain sculpture in the form of a bust. The upper part is adorned with a hat-like cylindrical container, designed to carefully protect the candle and its wisdom.

Musk Road is an unexpected crossroads between escape and reality.

A crossroads of scents that unfold along the silk road. Delicate powdery florals of iris and violet envelop the persistence of white musk. Mediterranean notes and distant lands suddenly merge, conquering the soul along a route that is not merely a pathway. It is an exotic escape that lasts as long as a breath. Or perhaps forever.

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Top: Bergamot, Violet, Mint, Absinthe

Middle: Aquatic scents, Iris, Geranium  

Base: White Musk, Cedarwood, Patchouli


Ginori 1735 is paying tribute to the life of Caterina de’ Medici with a collection dedicated to her entourage. LCDC La Compagnia Di Caterina is a collection in which the porcelain, fired by the Manufacture, is being used for the first time to hold the flame of scented candles, burning incenses and perfumed essences created to add a harmonious fragrance to any room in the most elegant homes and the finest settings. For the first time, with LCDC, the beauty of Ginori 1735 can be appreciated as a scented decorative piece.

Ginori 1735 LCDC Il Letterato Musk Road Candle Holder - 6 x 40g