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Ginori 1735 LCDC Il Frate Orange Renaissance Incense Holder


Inspired by the favourite ingredient during the era of the De’ Medicis in Florence, this joyful and charming blend pays tribute to the orange blossom. A celebratory fragrance which pays tribute to the richest period in cultural history – the Renaissance – evoking the orange blossom which was the predominant element in perfume at the time in Florence. This is the rebirth of an essence which has the power to seduce and burn with love.

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Top: Bergamot, Blackcurrent.
Middle: Mint, Tuscam Cypress.
Base: Honey, Musk.



Symbol of generosity. The Friar is an expert in the alchemy of the human soul. He always knows how to help. Depicts a face placed on a porcelain plate, which recalls his cloak. The Street Art-style decorations refer to the ingredients used by friars to create perfumes in the Renaissance period.

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Ginori 1735 LCDC Il Frate Orange Renaissance Incense Holder