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Cire Trudon

Trudon Les Albâtres Abd El Kader Candle - 270g


Like a breath of fresh air, this aromatic mezze of mints and wild fruits transports you to the rugged hills of the Mascara Coast where mountain flowers grow alongside fruit brambles and herbs under the Mediterranean sun. Full of life, Abd El Kader, instantly invigorates your home with the scent of freshly torn spearmint thrown over wild blackcurrant, chopped apple and crushed ginger to cleanse the air and create a sense of nature, space and wanderlust.

Sculpted in Spain out of a single block, the containers and matching tops are one-of-a-kind: the alabaster's veins that run on the surface are unique by essence and each candle has its own unique marble design. Minimal and aesthetic, a gold metallic label further recalls the manufacture's history.

Head: spearmint, lemon-yellow, blackcurrant bud, apple, ginger, clove.
Heart: jasmine.
Base: vanilla.

With an unrivalled reputation for using only the finest quality ingredients and materials, Trudon introduces Les Albatres' a new collection which celebrates the craftsmanship, elegance and luminescent qualities of alabaster.

Sculpted in Spain from a single block of alabaster stone, each vessel is completely unique and features the gold Trudon emblem as a sign of authenticity.

Praised since Antiquity by Greeks, Egyptians and Romans, this natural material is synonymous with decorative objects made to be admired, treasured and appreciated, that stand the test of time and sit effortlessly within your home whether it's minimal or maximal, contemporary or traditional.

Joining Trudon's anthology of coveted candles, Les Albatres is a refined collectable guaranteed to add both style and scent to your home.

Trudon Les Albâtres Abd El Kader Candle - 270g