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Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Savage Bloom Candle 200g


Alexander McQueen home fragrance stems from a notion of modern antiquity, precious objects, elevated to museum level and treasured. This inspiration is in tandem with Alexander McQueen codes of juxtapositions such as, romance and rebellion or power and vulnerability. The result is a trio of iconic scented candles with an inspired sculptural form, at once ancient and modern, in combination of evocative scents.

The vessel takes the form of an egg, something timeless and yet space-age. The overall profile is sliced at an angle to create the lid and combines two materials - glass and metal - coming together to create an organic yet architectural form. It contrasts fragile glass and strong metal, both hand-made as well as machine-made.

The juxtaposition of the beauty of tuberose; graceful and lovely, with untamed and exotic oud accords.
Finished with a striking gold lid.

Top : Cardamom oil Safran
Heart : Tuberose accord, Ciste Absolu
Base : Cashmeran, Oud Accord

Alexander McQueen is a British Luxury Fashion House driven by uncompromising craftsmanship and unparallel creative vision

The house is committed to innovative design and modernity

At the heart of this name is an eternal juxtaposition between power and vulnerability, romance and rebellion.

Alexander McQueen is anchored in British culture and tradition while challenging these values and subverting convention.

Alexander McQueen Savage Bloom Candle 200g